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Goodsnitch Blog: Mia Recognizes a Hero in Lafayette

S&A Founder, Lynley Sides, contributed this article to the Goodsnitch blog

As a contributor to the Goodsnitch team and consumer, I love what Goodsnitch is doing. I love that I can give feedback in a few seconds that I know will reach a business’s management but not be posted publicly. And I really love recognizing someone who provides great service by telling their management. Goodsnitch makes this so easy that it has caught on with my 9 and 12 year old kids as well. The following is a story I contributed to the Goodsnitch blog about my daughter’s first experience recognizing an “Everyday hero”.

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Celebrating good people, products, and services with children makes us smile. One Goodsnitch user let us know about their daughter’s experience recognizing a gracious server named Jessica.

Here is what the parent wrote:

“As a parent, few things are more gratifying than seeing your child do something kind and appreciative with no prompting from an adult and with no reward of treats or trinkets in sight. I enjoyed one of these moments on Sunday that taught me something as well. I had shown my family the Goodsnitch app and we had snitched on a few businesses that we frequent to share some suggestions and praise. It was fun but it had been a little while.

Sunday, when we were enjoying breakfast at the local Rising Loafer, my nine-year-old daughter Mia said about our server Jessica, “She’s really nice. We should Goodsnitch her!” So after we paid our bill, we showed Jessica as we snitched about her speed and friendliness, typed her name in as an “everyday hero”, and told her it would be sent to the Rising Loafer management.

As the picture we snapped shows, Jessica and Mia were both smiling brighter when we left. And Mia said “That felt good”.

Was I a proud parent? Of course. But I also was reminded that, as consumers, we have the choice every day to pause and notice when someone does a great job. To appreciate it. To show that appreciation in a meaningful way. Or not. And that taking a moment to appreciate in a way that’s meaningful can make that person’s week… and make our day at the same time.

With Goodsnitch, we did this all in about a minute. So we’ll be on the lookout for more everyday heroes and maybe this simple app can encourage Mia’s generation to grow up looking for good and taking those moments to reward it.”