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Glue Launch Announcement: Turn the Lights On and Watch the World Shine

The following is S&A Client The Glue Network’s launch post, reproduced from

When we started building Glue we never thought it would be quite as hard as it has been to get it live. But hard things are just that, hard. And finding ways to put love into action – well that was really hard. But after about 200 twists, turns, discoveries, and failures we have now flipped the switch – beta is live – and it was worth it.

This isn’t just another great website that tells you that you need to get involved in hunger, disease, the environment and poverty by showing you those things and educating you about why you should care. This is about us doing all of that, but then taking the next step of handing you money – real money – and then letting you choose what matters to you.

For the first time in history (at least the portion we know about which frankly is probably not that much – but hey we are giddy with launch joy so cut us some slack) you can receive money from brands you love and that want you to have it, invest it in life changing work that is being done by great non-profit partners, and then light a fire under your social world to get them engaged with you.

For the first time, twenty college students in southern Ohio are empowered to dig a well in Africa despite being unable to leave their dorm room, three-day old pizza, and mildly engaging studies. For the first time, a twenty four year old in Los Angeles is empowered to help a twenty four year old in Boston to get through a cold night on the street. For the first time, a mom in Kentucky is empowered to help a girl in Malawi become educated, avoid enslavement, and build a brighter future for her family.

And most importantly for the first time we can all do it together – you, our brand partners, our non-profit partners and us — sharing hope, care, and compassion in a way that informs, empowers, and ignites.

So why would we start this post by telling you that it was hard to launch? Because the work we’re taking on to change the world together will be even harder. But, who’s afraid of a little hard work? Not us.

Love Requires Action