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“High Tech in Biotech & Devices” Event

As engineers with MBAs working in biotech, we are personally fascinated and inspired by the convergence of info tech, biotech, nanotech, communications, devices, and healthcare. This phenomenon is not new; in fact, it has been written about for nearly three decades. But what is occurring today has the promise of revolutionizing modern healthcare and extending it to millions more people around the world.
We recently had the privilege of co-hosting a discussion among the leaders of some of the most innovative firms in this space including Complete Genomics, Proteus Biomedical, NeuroPace, and Canaan Partners. From chips on pills that talk to computers, to ultra-fast genome sequencing, to remote monitoring and control of electrodes implanted in the brain, we heard how these companies are developing the markets and business models for their products, what challenges they face, and, ultimately, how patients, physicians and investors will benefit.

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Are Gaps in Your Knowledge of PPM Limiting Your Company’s Performance?

Biotech and pharma companies place high hopes on product and portfolio management (PPM) but are often disappointed by the outcomes: hodgepodge portfolios with pipeline gaps and too many projects, weak pet projects that live on despite warning signs, and budgets that don’t reflect the company’s strategy. Decisions are often biased and delayed, and teams spend too much time on PPM, preventing potentially groundbreaking drugs from entering the clinic. The implications of these outcomes are costly. (Read more…)

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